What’s Next? AI & the Antichrist-Book

The final pages of history are being written. Recent global upheavals, exponential technological advances, collapsing morality, and calls for a one-world government, are all preparing the way for the Antichrist’s reign. 

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by Authors Jimmy Evans and Mark Hitchcock–192 pages-Softbound

Gathering fascinating insights from biblical prophecy, authors Jimmy Evans and Mark Hitchcock encourage readers to:

  • Recognize the “signs of the times” heralding the approach of earth’s final days. 
  • Withstand coming persecution, deception, and spiritual warfare as global rebellion intensifies. 
  • Stand confidently in Christ’s victory over the forces of darkness until Jesus returns.

We are witnessing an astonishing acceleration of events paving the way for this satanically-empowered dictator. But fear not, because on the horizon is the glorious appearing of our Savior. It’s time to embrace Him. Jesus is the only hope who will see us through the coming storm.