Foreshadows: 12 Megaclues That Jesus’ Return is Nearer Than Ever-Book

Foreshadows explores 12 major trends that point toward the ever-nearing of earth’s final days—and how these trends reveal God’s breathtaking love, faithfulness, wisdom, and strength. As you read, you will…

  • identify events happening in today’s world that align with prophecies described in the Bible   
  • discern between the prophetic truths God reveals in His Word and the common misbeliefs about the end times based on speculation
  • look with confidence and rejoicing toward the future God has promised you

Foreshadows will inspire you to be filled with hope as God holds our chaotic world firmly within His control. Behind the scenes, He is at work—setting the stage for Christ’s return and the glorious future that follows!

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by Author Steve Miller- 387 pages-Softbound


This brings us to some important questions people are asking: Isn’t it true that many previous generations thought that Christ was going to return in their day? Weren’t expectations running high at certain past points in history, especially during World War I and World War II? Haven’t there been other times when circumstances were so dire that Christians were convinced the end was at hand?

What’s different this time around?

published May 2022