Trapped in Hitler’s Hell – DVD

A young Jewish girl discovers the Messiah’s faithfulness in the midst of the Holocaust.


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By World Net Daily (WND)

75 minutes

This documentary features Anita’s full testimony of remarkable faith in the midst of unspeakable circumstances. It is a faith builder. It will lift you up, not tear you down, both emotionally and spiritually.  This is based on Jan Markell’s book, “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell.”


“This is a brilliantly done film and an equally gripping personal account of confronting and surviving one of the greatest evils that history has recorded.  The coordination between the monologue and the film clips was a touch of cinematic expertise seldom seen.  There were no obvious special effects to dehumanize the work.  The moving recollections were enough to carry the drama right to the heart of the viewer—me! I trust this dual production of film and book will be like an emotional hypodermic needle for America to awaken to the fact that the present leadership has placed the Western public on the cusp of the whole thing being repeated!!” —Merv Watson, Israel

“As a writer and researcher, I rarely use the word ‘extraordinary,’ and never as hyperbole. Yet the word perfectly describes a new resource that appeals to all age groups: ‘Trapped in Hitler’s Hell,’ by Jan Markel and Anita Dittman. Both the book and companion dvd describe in rich detail what it was like to live under Hitler and his totalitarian regime. Anita’s personal reflections and Jan’s storytelling abilities make this an indispensable resource for any setting: personal study; small group; Sunday school; the classroom; etc. This story from the last century is being repeated in our time, in our country. Get copies of these resources and please share widely. They are, in every sense of the word, extraordinary.” –Jim Fletcher, blogger and director of Prophecy Matters
“Anita even saw the wounds she received during the Holocaust as a means of God’s protection on her life.  How many people truly see “bad” things in their life this way?  She believed that “all things work together for her good” since she loved God and was called according to His purpose.  She saw the positive in absolutely everything.  What an inspiration!  What a remarkable woman! So glad WND made a film of this! —Laura Haynes

“What a powerful film and book. I highly recommend these!” —Peggy Hammond

“This is information that needs to get out and the more of these products out there, the better!  I read your book years and the movie was fantastic!   Your information is succinct and will be easy to share.  I have committed to memorizing the information so I can distribute verbally.  So timely and so well done!  Thanks for all you do!” —Sheila Luehrs

“My grandchildren must see this. Anita had the strength of the Lord which brought her through this. That comes through! The pictures and film of the war were excellent. Thank God Anita lived and see how God has used her.” —Sylvia Zeller