God’s Grand Finale: How Soon?-DVD

God’s Grand Finale: How Soon?  Jeff Kinley’s message about the book of Revelation and the attributes of Christ.  If you have been hesitant to read the book of Revelation, listen to Jeff’s message and be inspired to read about the final book of the Bible.  Jesus is coming for His bride, how soon?  The signs we are seeing with the development of the one world government should tell us to “look up our redemption is drawing near” Luke 21.28

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Running Time: approx 2 hours

Understanding the Times bi-monthly event on August 3, 2023, featuring Jeff Kinley along with Pastor Mark Henry and Jan Markell.  The evening included a message by Jeff Kinley “God’s Grand Finale” Wrath, Grace, and Glory in Earth’s Last Days.  There was a panel discussion and a brief Q&A.  There is a “grand finale” up ahead so how much time do we have left in the Church Age?  We cannot set dates but we do consider the signs of the times.