Convergence: How Things Are All Falling Into Place – DVD (Message is included the 2021 Behold He Comes DVD set)

We here on this earth are to be engaged in a last-minute rescue mission and to save the perishing from the ordeal of the Tribulation and the flames of hell.  In this 60-minute DVD, Jan points to some obvious national and world events that indicate everything is falling into place.

Olive Tree Ministries encourages you to go tell it on the mountain, that Jesus Christ is coming back – perhaps today.

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Jan Markell’s message: “Convergence: How Things Are All Falling Into Place”

From the Behold He Comes Conference held September 11, 2021

Jan Markell has monitored global events for many years and concludes that end-time activity is now at a record level.  From the decline of America, to out-of-control weather patterns, to the rise of global government efforts, it would seem Jesus is at the door.

Signs of Christ’s return should encourage the Church. Scripture is clear that the “Bride,” or Christ’s Church, is removed from the earth before the Tribulation. However, believers are seeing events from the Tribulation cast a shadow on the Church Age.  The Bible is preparing us, not scaring us.  Immediately before the Tribulation, Jesus removes us before “the hour of testing….” (Revelation 3:10)