The Time of the Signs: A Chronology of Earth’s Final Events-Book

The disciples could not wait. Christ had said He would bring an end to human rule and establish His kingdom. But when? Eager to learn how the future would unfold, they asked Him about the signs of His coming and the end times. What should they expect to take place?

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by Author Barry Stagner- 208 pages-Softbound

In The Time of the Signs, pastor Barry Stagner explores the events that will precede Christ’s return. As he describes Earth’s final days, he answers the many questions people ask, including

  • Why is the rebirth of Israel the most significant sign that the end times are near?
  • What other important clues, evident today, reveal the closeness of the tribulation and Christ’s return?
  • Where does the rapture fit in the chronology of all that will occur in the last days?
  • After Christ returns, what is next?

As you study the signs Jesus foretold, you’ll see amazing evidence that we are living in the very time of these signs—and gain a clear understanding of what will happen, and when.