What’s the Difference in a Millennium and a Millipede?: Understanding End Time Viewpoints-Book

The ignorance about end-time Bible prophecy among people in the church pews of America is abysmal, but it is not entirely their fault.  The major source of the problem is the fact that Bible prophecy is ignored in the teaching and preaching programs of most churches. Find out more in this great book written by Dr. David Reagan.

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By Author David Reagan-166 pages-Softbound

Why So Much Ignorance?

There are a variety of reasons why Bible prophecy is overlooked by most pastors today; Seminaries, Abuse, Irrelevant, Divisive, Complexity.   The tragic result of all this ignorance of Bible prophecy is that even though we are definitely living in the season of the Lord’s return, the people in the pews are not being alerted to that fact. Additionally, they are being given little understanding of the chaotic times in which we are living.