Freemasonry: Satan’s Secret Society-DVD Set

Is there really a group of people who meet in secret around the globe to determine world events? Does a satanic cabal really exist that steers governments and various institutions towards a Luciferian order? Do these same people work behind the scenes, hiding their veiled evil intentions from the rest of us with secret handshakes, symbols, and gestures? Unfortunately, the answer is a shocking yes. That’s why this DVD set, Freemasonry, Satan’s Secret Society, seeks to equip you with the hard-hitting facts concerning the truths about Freemasonry and the wicked hidden agenda for the planet as well as their plethora of false teachings that are leading people into a satanic order straight from the pit of hell.

Price: $20.00

Product Details

by Pastor Billy Crone-5 DVD Set (includes 10 messages)

Messages include information regarding:
The Warning of Freemasonry
The History of Freemasonry
The Beliefs of Freemasonry   
The Symbols of Freemasonry
The Leaders of Freemasonry
The Branches of Freemasonry
The Famous Figures of Freemasonry
The American Roots of Freemasonry

Is Freemasonry really just a good old boys club to help people get a leg up on life? Are they here simply to help our communities and establish hospitals for children? Are their youth programs something our kids should ever get involved in? Absolutely not! That’s the smoke screen they want us to believe. The harsh reality is, behind their secret satanic veil lies the true dark intentions they have for the planet, a Luciferian order for all mankind. Don’t delay, get your copy today of Freemasonry, Satan’s Secret Society and warn as many people as you can before it’s too late!