The Man Code-Book

Our world needs men—not just any men, but the kind who understand and embrace the unique calling God has given them as men, husbands, fathers, and leaders.



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by Pastor Mark Henry- 288 pages-Softbound

Scripture provides a code of godly manhood that emboldens you to become all God designed you to be. In The Man Code, pastor Mark Henry distills the essentials of biblical masculinity into 12 key action points, helping you apply the Bible’s transformative teaching to every aspect of your life. In this practical guide, you will be

  • encouraged toward a greater love for Christ and commitment to living out God’s priorities
  • empowered to build your livelihood on the foundation of God’s Word
  • enabled to experience the real and lasting fulfillment that comes from living as a godly man
  • equipped to share a clear, biblical ethic of masculinity with the next generation

Packed with useful insights, authentic stories, and engaging study questions, The Man Code will inspire you to embrace your true calling and serve God with courage, conviction, and hope.