Nearing Midnight: As It Was in the Days of Lot-Book

Some of the world’s top scientists have, since 1947, been setting the imaginary “doomsday clock” to keep up with how near we might be to atomic destruction. They believe that when the hour and minute hand reach midnight, humankind will have completely been destroyed through atomic warfare.

Movement of that symbolic indicator of the last time grows more frightening with each tick. But there is only one accurate timepiece that signals when the midnight hour approaches for humankind: God’s prophetic Word-the Holy Bible.

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by Author Terry James-201 pages-Softbound

In Nearing Midnight: As It Was in the Days of Lot, noted biblical prophecy expert Terry James explores, in detail and through the prism of God’s Word, long-ago prophesied matters now unfolding hourly, including:

– The potential for nuclear war to break out at any moment;

– America and the world facing imminent financial collapse that will bring about a dictatorial digital monetary system;

– Demonic entities from the abyss that seemingly have been unleashed upon humanity in the form of every sort of perversion, with even very small children in the crosshairs of the purveyors of wickedness;

– Mother Earth worship, in the form of climate-change insanity, as the anti-God religion being forced upon humanity; and

– The determination of the globalists elite, driven by the entities of Ephesians 6:12, to establish control through a New World Order.

James explores the strange wickedness and evil that are accelerating and threatening world-rending cataclysm at every level. Jesus Christ’s prophecies regarding this very time in which we live help us know precisely how near we are to the midnight hour and offer us the peace we have in the blessed hope of His soon return.