Marking the Masses-Book

If the world knew what was coming, they would fear the future! Marking the Masses is a wake-up call to both believers and unbelievers alike regarding an agenda that was set in motion by an elite group one night in 1961 while overlooking downtown LA from the Hollywood Hills. Since that night, at the dawn of modern computerization, the plan to enslave society has been woven into every aspect of our lives. Today, sixty years later, the pieces are now in place, and the catalyst to trigger the rapid and conclusive collapse of the world as we know it is about to begin… and you’re already a part of it.

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by Author Thomas Hughes- 183 pages-Softbound

In Marking the Masses, Tom Hughes leads you on a journey that spans millennia to reveal how and why the world has progressed to embrace the very catalyst that will usher in the end of society as we know it.

Marking the Masses (Trailer) from Ingenuity Films on Vimeo.