Klaus Schwab: Eugenics & the Rise of the Nephilim-DVD Set

What would have happened if Hitler would have won the war? What kind of dystopian nightmare would he and his S.S. agents have brought to the planet if victory was within their grasp? What other dastardly deeds would they have perpetrated upon mankind like they did to the Jewish people? Well, wonder no more, because believe it or not, Hitler’s satanic agenda is now actually marching beyond Germany and is actively spreading across the whole planet.

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by Pastor Billy Crone- 6 DVD Set (includes 11 messages)

It’s not called the Rise of the Fourth Reich, that’s too obvious. Rather it’s been relabeled by Klaus Schwab and his evil cohorts as the Rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or The Great Reset. But call it what you will, it’s just Hitler’s satanic agenda on steroids. Therefore, this DVD, Klaus Schwab, Eugenics & the Rise of the Nephilim seeks to equip you with the mind-boggling evidence that Klaus Schwab and his evil gang of new and improved S.S. agents are actually repeating the unthinkable. They are implementing Hitler’s Eugenics Program to all of mankind whether we want it or not, in the following ways:

Genetic Food Murders
Genetic Copying of Humans
Genetic Altering Technology
Cyborg Plans for Humans
Genetic Altering Apocalypse
Cyborg Promotion for Humans
Genetic Altering of Humans
Genetic Super Soldiers for Humans
Genetic Mixing of Humans
Transhumanist Plans & Methods for Humans