Is This the Final Push?-DVD

This was the question asked at our March 16 Understanding the Times bi-monthly event in suburban Minneapolis.  Pastor Tom Hughes, Pastor Mark Henry, and Jan Markell considered a dozen current topics as they relate to the Bible and to Bible prophecy.

Is this the final push for a one-world system? How about a nationalized banking system and ultimately, Central Bank Digital Currency?  Are we well on the road to Agenda 2030? How about World War III? 

If this is the final push and the Church Age is winding down, how soon is the Rapture of the Church? The final push is clearly for Antichrist’s kingdom which believers will never see.

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Running Time: approx 2 hours

Understanding the Times bi-monthly event featuring Pastor Tom Hughes along with Pastor Mark Henry and Jan Markell.  The evening included a message by Pastor Tom Hughes “Welcome To the System…”, a panel discussion, and a brief Q&A. 

Be encouraged. He is coming, perhaps today.