How the Blessed Hope Became the Blasted Hope – DVD

The Attack of Bible Prophecy

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by Jan Markell                      60 min.

Why has eschatology or Bible prophecy been downplayed in the last 25 years? What kind of damage have Rick Warren, Lynne Hybels, John Piper, Hank Hanegraaff, and others done and how have they done it? Dispensationalism has become almost a dirty word in the world of scholars and is seldom taught any longer, yet Amillenialism, Preterism, Dominionism, Replacement Theology, and Latter Rain theologies are gaining in popularity. At the same time, evangelical support for Israel is tanking as the church rallies to support the so-called Palestinians.  Jan Markell has collected one hour of vital information if you care about these issues and hope to reverse tragic trends.