Has the Tribulation Begun? Avoiding Confusion and Redeeming the Times in These Last Days-Book

As local and international events and news reports become more troubling, interest in Bible prophecy continues to grow.  Cultural anxiety is reaching unprecedented highs, and many Christians have begun to wonder if the Tribulation described in Revelation is already upon us. This book looks at the Bible’s signs of the times in light of global events. We’re not in the Tribulation but we are trending towards it; however, the believer will never experience it!

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by Author Amir Tsarfati-224 pages-Softbound

As we wonder how close the end times truly are, we must return to God’s Word for clarity and wisdom.  Has the Tribulation Begun? delivers enlightening biblical truth alongside powerful encouragement to live for the Lord today. The world is heading towards the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” with lightning speed. That can only mean the Rapture is on the horizon.