Divided We Stand: The Globalist Scheme for a One-World Government-Book

In divided America, it means identity consciousness reigns as we become polarized by calls for diversity, equity, and inclusion; that radical view is echoed by the intimidated business world most media, the corrupted education establishment, and especially the deep-state big government.  Behind the veil of massive corruption, polarization is tearing at our foundation at the hands of the big egos of the rich and powerful-especially their evil agent, Satan

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by Author Robert Maginnis-324 pages- Softbound

Maginnis identifies in seventeen chapters:

  • The roots of division seeking to transform America, especially the powerful elite and their unseen master, Satan
  • Division as the instrument for evil across human history from world wars, dark personalities, and ideological movements
  • The deeply divided America, which is afflicted with cancerous polarization in seven critical institutions- family, politics, religion, education, the workplace, the media, and government
  • Strategies to overcome that cancer division from family to nation-state, offering real recommendations to help reclaim America
  • Specific and principled Holy Spirit-guided roles for today’s Christian living in this polarized world and insights into how division plays a leading part in the soon-coming prophetic end times