Assault on the Image of God: Understanding and Responding to Attacks, on the Bible, Human Life, and the Church-Book

Assault on the Image of God focuses on the fact that God, His Word, His children, and His church are under attack like never before. The biblical worldview and the truth of creation are under relentless assault as well. True believers in Christ must recognize we are at war, and that it is a spiritual conflict. We also must discern battles on many fronts in the physical, natural realm.

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by author David Fiorazo-299 pages-Softbound

Satan, the father of lies and great deceiver, hates the “Imago Dei” and knows his time is short so he’s pulling out all the stops! Hostility against Christians, churches, Israel, human life, religious freedom, and America seems accepted in today’s depraved, divided culture. Assault on the Image of God will help you understand demonic agendas and how to respond.