As It Was In the Days of Noah: Warnings From Bible Prophecy About the Coming Global Storm-Book

“As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”
—Matthew 24:37

From bestselling prophecy author Jeff Kinley, As It Was in the Days of Noah reveals the parallels between the time before the flood and our current culture, highlighting the rise in evil, the surge in immorality, and the pandemic of godlessness. This book

  • examines the signs that the end times are rapidly drawing nearer
  • affirms the urgency of reaching the lost with God’s compassionate truth
  • equips believers to live wisely, making their days count for eternity

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by Author Jeff Kinley-224 pages Softbound

Noah’s story is remembered as a Sunday school lesson taught with felt-board animals—yet the Bible paints a darker picture, one in which earth’s people grew so wicked God had to destroy them in a global flood. Millennia later, Jesus prophesied the same widespread spiritual rebellion would mark the days leading into the end times.

As It Was in the Days of Noah illuminates the biblical evidence that God’s judgment is imminent—and reveals how Noah’s story provides a deep reservoir of hope for all who follow Christ.