The Weaponization Of Finance – Conservatives Face Real Threat Of Debanking

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But it didn’t stop there: as WND reported, on July 13 Chase also shut down the accounts of Mercola Market’s CEO, CFO and even those of their respective spouses and children. Chase gave one employee some more time to find a new bank because shutting down her account disrupted her ability to provide care for her bedridden husband with dementia.

Leo Hohmann: Amazon Just Banned My Book, Stealth Invasion

Our content Review team re-reviewed the title “Stealth Invasion” and determined that it includes content against our Content Guidelines. The primary purpose is to paint Muslim immigration to the US and Europe as treacherous, violent and as a weapon used by the Muslim Brotherhood to change the US from inside.

Credit Suisse shares tumble to new record low as European banking sector reels

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Credit Suisse shares CSGN, -24.24% CS, -18.73% fell as much as 31%, breaking below the 2 franc level and extending the declines that seen its shares drop 78% over the last 52 weeks.  The fresh losses came after the chairman of the bank’s top shareholder, Saudi National Bank, ruled out investing any more into the bank in a Bloomberg interview on Wednesday.

Poll: Nearly Half Say It Is ‘Likely’ Coronavirus Vaccines Have Caused ‘Significant Number of Unexplained Deaths’


Nearly half of Americans believe it is at least somewhat likely that coronavirus vaccines have caused a “significant number of unexplained deaths,” and over a quarter said they know someone whose death may have been caused by side effects of the vaccines, a Rasmussen Reports survey released Monday found.