Who Will Face the Tribulation? -Book

Will Christians go through the Tribulation? Is there any way for you to know for sure? The battle of beliefs about the timing of the Rapture is becoming more intense. But what the Bible says about the future doesn’t need to be confusing.

People have been baffled about the pre, mid, and post-tribulation views. Who Will Face the Tribulation? carefully unravels the confusion, offering greatly needed clarity.

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Tim LaHaye -256 pages- Softbound

With scholarly research, best-selling author Tim LaHaye uses God’s Word to provide helpful and compelling answers to those questions so you can understand when the Rapture will occur. In this book, you’ll find

  • solid explanations for why the Rapture happens before the Tribulation
  • the keys to interpreting Bible prophecy correctly
  • timelines and charts that give a clear picture of the end-times

Get excited about Christ’s return in this highly readable and informative study of the Rapture.