Unlocking the Secrets of the Feasts: The Prophecies in the Feasts of Leviticus-Book

All the feasts from Passover to the Feast of Tabernacles have prophecies of God’s plans for the world, embedded in the customs of these festivals that are known by only a few.  Many of these revelations are quite shocking. You will be amazed as these mysteries are disclosed step-by-step in these chapters.  God wanted us to be taught His plans through all our senses. Get ready to be stunned as you discover the intricate detail of the descriptions of the prophecies illustrated in the observances of these feasts.  You will definitely acquire greater insight into God’s plan for the ages.

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by Author Michael Norten-89 pages-Softbound

“This book provides some wonderful insights into the prophetic significance of the Feasts of Israel.  It will whet your appetite for the Old Testament and the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.  And it will help you to better understand God’s plan for the ages” Dr. David Reagan (Lamb & Lion Ministries)