U.S. Presidents & Israel: A Blessing or a Cursing? – DVD

Which Presidents have blessed or cursed Israel?

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by Jan Markell – 60 minutes

Jan Markell considers the Presidents of the United States starting with Woodrow Wilson through Barack Obama. Wilson was in office at the time of the Balfour Declaration – the unofficial “birth” of Israel. Which Presidents have blessed or cursed Israel? Some Democrats have and some Republicans have. One President was called a “Righteous Gentile.” But many have abused God’s covenant land and people and America pays a price when that happens.

Jan spends extensive time on the Obama administration and their abysmal abuse of Israel and obvious favored opinion of the Islamic terror world.  As a result, America is steeped in unsolvable problems. She reminds us that God will always take care of Israel and that the issues she raises point to the soon return of the Lord.

This offers education, information, and inspiration. It was presented at Dave Reagan’s prophecy conference July 2014 and at Olive Tree’s “Understanding the Times Fall 2014” and had a resounding positive response. You can now order it individually rather than in the CD or DVD conference set.


Bravo Jan, just finished your teaching on US Presidents’ treatment of Israel. Awesome, awesome, awesome. It should be required study for every church in America. – Peggy

Wonderful presentation on the current DVD on Israel &The Presidents. I really want to say how much I have appreciated this one!!!.I know that current pressure is still mounting  but as you concluded with your closing comments, even though Israel is being pressured, we look to the Lord for “His Hand Is In It All”. – John, Australia