Trajectory: Tracking the Approaching Tribulation Storm-Book

TRAJECTORY: Tracking the Approaching Tribulation Storm projects—through seventeen Bible prophecy experts—a vivid, in-depth picture of what is happening. Each contributor, with superlative analysis of the issues and events of this end-of-the-age turbulence, lights up in radar scope-like magnification the boiling, end-times clouds and lightning of wickedness approaching from across the prophetic horizon.

Chapters within the pages of TRAJECTORY bring to the front and center of last-days dynamics the terrible times just ahead for all who rebel against the God of Heaven.

Yet beyond the gloom is the magnificent, golden sunrise with the risen Son of God getting ready to call all into His eternal shelter. The Rapture and Heaven are, perhaps, as near as the next tick of the clock.

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by Terry James, General Editor with Contributors 343 pages-Softbound

Contributors include: Tim Moore, Allan Franklin, Dr. Thomas Horn, Pete Garcia, Dr. David Reagan, Nathan Jones, Jim Fletcher, Thomas Hughes, Todd Strandberg, Jeff Kinley, Wilfred Hahn, Jonathan Brentner, Mike Gendron, Daymond Duck, Matt Ward, Gary Ritter, and Bill Salus.