Sons From Afar – BOOK

This book is a re-do of Jan’s classic Gone the Golden Dream. It’s the true story of Joe Lessin and his sons.

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From the terrors of Russia to the ghettos of New York—the true story of three generations of a Jewish family in search of a dream. Joe’s Judaism leaves him empty and he has a God-shaped vacuum in his heart. After he finds the real Messiah, Jesus Christ, he must win his family to Christ. His sons rebel for years, but then, as it is promised in Isaiah 60:4, his sons come from afar and commit their lives to the true Messiah. Witness the power of a simple Gideon Bible hidden in a hotel drawer.

“The story of Roy Lessin’s family and his heritage was not only inspiring but a most encouraging glimpse at God’s work in really tough places. NOTHING is impossible for our God!”  -Gram from Washington State,