Missed The Rapture?-Book

The Rapture is the snatching away to heaven of all living believers in Christ. Sadly, many will be left behind. This is a product you can leave for them. The Rapture will occur at the beginning of seven years of global cataclysm and rule of the Antichrist known as the Great Tribulation, a period that will conclude human history as it’s been known. But it will also be a period where untold millions will turn to Christ as Savior thanks to your witness before this event and products left behind as a witness!

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by Author’s John F. Balch and James B. De Young -378 pages-Softbound

What will it be like for new believers in this time of unprecedented tumult and persecution? How will they grow in their faith? What will they see in the events and personalities that dominate the last seven years before Christ returns in power and great glory? A return that will see him conquer the forces of evil and establish a reign of righteousness that will last a thousand years.