Discerners – Book

Analyzing Converging Prophetic Signs For The End of Days

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Terry James, Editor   15 Chapters – softbound

Contributors:  Dr. Larry Spargimino, Don Mcgee, Jeff Kinley, Nathan Jones, Todd Strandberg, Daymond Duck, Tom Hughes, Phillip Goodman, Grant Phillips, Jim Fletcher, Bill Salus, Pete Garcia, Gary Stearman, Ryan Pitterson, Jan Markell, Tim Cameron, Dr. David Reagan.

When people keep turning their backs on God, they eventually become so wicked that He stops pleading for them to repent. Their hearts and minds simply can’t be returned to Him. Soon after that point, His judgment begins.

Thankfully, Christians have a God-given, spiritual gift of being able to discern the signs indicating how soon that judgment might be. So, it’s up to believers to step up and shoulder the responsibility of being “watchmen on the wall” during these confusing and troubling times.